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Central Coast Metal Roofing

Walling & Cladding

Mini Orb


MINI ORB® is a mini-corrugated profile which is suitable for use in interior or exterior applications on straight or curved surfaces. It has the same traditional shape as CUSTOM ORB® but on a much reduced scale.



WALLCLAD® is an attractive, lightweight and versatile walling profile designed for domestic, rural and commercial applications.



TRIMWALL® is an attractive, lightweight and versatile walling profile designed for domestic, rural and commercial applications.



ANELRIB® has a fluted profile making it suitable for many applications where flat sheet would not normally be considered.  The longitudinal flutes provide rigidity along the length of the sheet while retaining full flexibility across the width.



MULTICLAD® is an attractive trapezoidal multi-ribbed profile.  MULTICLAD® is usually used where an inexpensive, quick to install cladding is desirable, such as garages, carports and sheds. The speed of installation also makes it popular for commercial and industrial projects such as warehouses, showrooms and retail premises.



The EASYCLAD® wall cladding is a stylish solution for both interior and exterior steel walling applications. Simple clips are used for fixing the start of the first sheet, subsequent sheets are nailed or screwed.

LYSAGHT® Roofing products are available in a range of profiles such as CUSTOM ORB®, KLIP-LOK 700 HI-STRENGTH® and TRIMDEK® meaning there's a roofing profile to suit every building application and style - residential or commercial - federation or contemporary - providing flexibility in design opportunities. All our profiles are manufactured from genuine COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel.

All our roofing profiles can also be used for walling applications, however we also have a range of specifically developed walling profiles that are only able to be used for wall cladding. You can find out more at walling solutions.

For further information please contact Central Coast Metal Roofing on 02 4322 2377, or via email on our contact page.

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