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Emline® Gutter


Product Description and Features


EMLINE® Gutter and Capping has a generous rainwater carrying capacity and comes with a choice of all the components needed for a perfect finish.

  • Designed for greater durability, longer life and compatibility with steel and tile roofs

  • Manufactured from light, strong, hi-tensile ZINCALUME® steel or COLORBOND® steel for up to four times the life of a galvanised gutter in similar conditions

  • Available in long lengths and is fast and easy to install

  • Compliments the NOVALINE® Fascia System.


  • EMLINE® is available in Queensland and Northern NSW only

  • It is important gutters slope towards the outlets (a minimum gutter fall of 1 in 500 is recommended). Without this slope, 'ponding' may occur, reducing the life of your gutter

  • When installing gutters, remove any metal particles or debris at the end of the day to prevent staining or corrosion

  • When installing gutters, remove any metal particles or debris at the end of the day to prevent staining or corrosion

  • Do not install galvanised gutters with a ZINCALUME® steel or COLORBOND® prepainted steel roof. Galvanised gutters are only suitable with galvanised steel roof

  • The protective plastic film should be stripped off immediately on installation




What is the capping that is available for EMLINE® and SHEERLINE® guttering?

Capping is available for both the SHEERLINE® and EMLINE® gutters. Used for barge capping, the profile matches the fascia gutter.

Can Gutters be used with any fascia system?

Yes, Gutters offer various fixing methods. You have the choice of fixing to our NOVALINE® Fascia System using our secret fixed Spring Clip and Overstrap that require no drilling or screwing, or the General Purpose Bracket which is attached to other fascias with rivets or screws. Both offer secure support.


How does EMLINE® Gutter compare in size to the other gutters?

EMLINE® Gutter is the largest of our residential gutters. It is only produced in Queensland due to the heavy rainfall experienced in this state. The front measures 140mm, the base is 125mm and the back is 89mm. It is available with a slotted front for overflow during heavy rain.


Designing Roof Drainage

Correct design of a roof drainage system is critical to the waterproofing of a building. This is a task that should only be carried out by a suitably qualified trade professional in accordance with the BCA and Australian Standards.

In the design and detailing of a roof drainage system, consideration must be given to a range of factors such as:

  • rainfall intensity

  • roof catchment area

  • gutter size/capacity

  • gutter fall

  • gutter outlets (sumps, rain heads, nozzles)

  • downpipe size, quantity and placement

  • overflow consideration

  • material selection and

  • jointing


Downpipe Design

The downpipe size and spacing should be determined in accordance with AS/NZ3500.3.2:1998 National plumbing and drainage: Part 3.2: Stormwater drainage - Acceptable solutions.

Colour Range

LYSAGHT EMLINE® gutters and accessories are available in ZINCALUME® steel, COLORBOND® steel, and COLORBOND® steel high gloss colours. View the COLORBOND® steel colours.

For further information please contact Central Coast Metal Roofing on 02 4322 2377, or via email on our contact page

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For further information please contact Central Coast Metal Roofing on 02 4322 2377, or via email on our contact page.

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