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Product Description and Features

KLIP-LOK® 406 is a strong, durable and versatile long length roof or wall cladding. The concealed fastening method enables its use on many applications from low pitched roofs to vertical or horizontal ribbed walling.

  • Fixing clips effectively secure KLIP-LOK® 406 to supports without puncturing the sheet
  • No exposed fasteners means clean and smooth lines


  • KLIP-LOK® 406 is only available upon enquiry in some states. Please consult the availability table below for further details
  • Minimum recommended roof pitch is 1 degree (1 in 50)

Span Table

The maximum recommended support spacings are based on testing in accordance with AS1562.1-1992, AS4040.0-1992 and AS4040.1-1992.

Roof spans consider both resistance to wind pressure and light roof traffic (traffic arising from incidental maintenance) and assessment of ease of installation.

Maximum Support Spacings (mm)
Type of Span Thickness (mm) BMT
Single Span 1500
End Span 1800
Internal Span 2100
Unstiffened Eaves Overhang 200
Stiffened Eaves Overhang 600
  • Table data are based on supports of 1mm BMT.
  • The data is governed by the ease of side lapping of the sheets at long spans.



Sheets are supplied custom cut.


Length: +0 mm, -15 mm
Width: +4 mm, -4 mm

Material Specification

The base materials are ZINCALUME® steel, galvanised and stainless steels. AQUAPLATE® polymer coated steel is used for water tanks.

  • ZINCALUME® steel made from zinc-aluminium alloy coated steel complying with AS1397-2001, G550 (550MPa minimum yield stress), AZ150 (150g/m2 minimum coating mass)
  • COLORBOND® prepainted steel complying with AS/NZS 2728:Type 4, is made from zinc-aluminium alloy coated steel complying with AS1397-2001, G550 (550MPa minimum yield stress), AZ150 (150g/m2 minimum coating mass), or
  • COLORBOND® prepainted steel complying with AS/NZS 2728:Type 6, is made from stainless steel complying with JIS G 4305, Grade 430 stainless steel, 430SS550. Subject to enquiry
  • The base metal thickness is 0.48mm

Physical Properties

Mass and Yield
Thickness (mm BMT) COLORBOND® steel ZINCALUME® steel
kg/m kg/m2 m2/t kg/m kg/m2 m2/t
0.48 2.32 5.71 175 2.28 5.62 178


Klip-Lok 406


Avail. Avail. Avail. By Enquiry* Avail. Not Avail. By Enquiry*


Can KLIP-LOK 700 HI-STRENGTH® be side-lapped with KLIP-LOK® 406?

No. KLIP-LOK 700 HI-STRENGTH® has a rib shape and clip design different to the traditional KLIP-LOK® 406.

Can KLIP-LOK® 406 be unclipped?

It is not recommended to unclip KLIP-LOK® 406 once the cladding is installed. Unclipping can damage the clips, cladding or metallic coating on the cladding. It is difficult to assess how KLIP-LOK® 406 will perform after such damage.

What is cladding and how does it relate to roofing and walling?

Cladding is a collective term for any sheeting that covers a building, whether it be on the roof of the building, or on the walls. Roof cladding is made from thicker steel and is rolled to a profile capable of supporting roof traffic*. In most cases, these roof claddings can also be used for walling as well. Wall cladding is made from thinner steel, rolled to a less rigid profile. They are generally not capable of supporting roof traffic, prohibiting their use as roofing.

*Some roofing is designed to be non-trafficable. Please consult the span and capacity tables of the cladding for further details.

Colour Range

LYSAGHT KLIP-LOK® 406 is available in a limited range of COLORBOND® steel colours and in unpainted ZINCALUME® steel.

For further information please contact Central Coast Metal Roofing on 02 4322 2377, or via email on our contact page.