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Product Description and Features

CUSTOM BLUE ORB® is the traditional corrugated roofing profile, designed specifically for curving.  The extra ductility of CUSTOM BLUE ORB® allows for easy curving.

  • Curving quality of steel which can be curved to a variety of designs
  • Can be used for both roofing and walling applications
  • Long lengths allow sheets to be curved into a full circle
  • Available in a wide variety of COLORBOND® steel colours


  • There are straight sections at the ends of the curve which cannot be curved, read details in Product Specification section
  • May be used on roof pitches from as low as 5 degrees (1 in 12)

Span Table

The maximum recommended support spacings are based on testing in accordance with AS1562.1-1992, AS4040.1-1992 and AS4040.2-1992. Supports must not be less than 1mm BMT.

Roof spans consider both resistance to wind pressure and light roof traffic (traffic arising from incidental maintenance).

Wall spans consider resistance to wind pressure only.

The figures relate only to buildings 10m or less in height and located in sheltered or exposed suburban areas or sheltered rural areas only

Maximum Support Spacings (mm)
Type of Span Thickness (mm) BMT
Roofs including bullnosed roofs
Single Span 1600
End Span 1600
Internal Span 1800
Unstiffened Eaves Overhang 200
Stiffened Eaves Overhang 300
Single Span 2400
End Span 3000
Internal Span 3300
Overhang 200
  • For roofs: the data are based on foot-traffic loading.
  • For walls: the data are based on pressures.
  • Table data are based on supports of 1mm BMT.
  • 0.80mm BMT is available in SA as galvanised only.

Custom Blue Orb



Sheets are supplied custom cut.


Length: +0 mm, -15 mm
Width: +4 mm, -4 mm
Straight vertical minimum (SV) = 100 mm
(50 mm in Dubbo, 80 mm in Victoria)
Radius Minimum (R) = 300

Curving Radii

The minimum curving radius is 300 mm (400 mm in Victoria). At the end of the curve, there must be a straight vertical section of at least 100 mm (50 mm in Dubbo, 80 mm in Victoria). This straight section should be taken into account when ordering your sheets.

Curving Flashing

Curved flashings and cappings are made in fibreglass, plastic and steel in standard COLORBOND® steel colours. Straight flashings and cappings are also made to match.

Material Specification

The base materials are ZINCALUME® steel, galvanised and stainless steels. AQUAPLATE® polymer coated steel is used for water tanks.

  • ZINCALUME® steel made from zinc-aluminium alloy coated steel complying with AS1397-2001, G300 (300MPa minimum yield stress), AZ150 (150g/m2 minimum coating mass)
  • COLORBOND® prepainted steel complying with AS/NZS 2728:Type 4, is made from zinc-aluminium alloy coated steel complying with AS1397-2001, G300 (300MPa minimum yield stress), AZ150 (150g/m2 minimum coating mass), or
  • COLORBOND® prepainted steel complying with AS/NZS 2728:Type 6, is made from stainless steel complying with JIS G 4305, Grade 430 stainless steel, 300SS550. Subject to enquiry
  • The base metal thickness is 0.60mm or 0.80mm

Physical Properties

Base Metal Thickness (mm) / Material kg/m kg/m² m²/t
0.60 ZINCALUME® steel 4.59 6.02 166
0.60 COLORBOND® steel 4.64 6.09 164


custom orb


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What is the meaning of the name "CUSTOM ORB®" and "CUSTOM BLUE ORB®"?

"CUSTOM ORB®" is the name given to the "corrugated iron" cladding shape made by BlueScope Lysaght. The name came from the customs stamp on the corrugated iron when it was first imported from England about 150 years ago. The stamp was of the royal "orb" (ball shape on top of the royal staff). The colour reference relates to the type of steel used many years ago. The "blue" was referred to as the soft steel and the "red" referred to the hard or strong steel. The "red" in the name has been dropped over the years.

What is the difference between CUSTOM ORB® and CUSTOM BLUE ORB®?

CUSTOM ORB® is a thinner material, but of high strength steel suitable for roofs and walls. The CUSTOM BLUE ORB® is a thicker material but of softer strength steel, suitable for pre-curving for use in verandahs and tanks, but also roofs and walls.

When considering CUSTOM ORB® and CUSTOM BLUE ORB®, which cladding should I use?

Each product has benefits and uses in particular situations. As a cladding CUSTOM ORB® in a 0.48mm BMT has about the same strength as CUSTOM BLUE ORB® in 0.60mm. Therefore, if you don't need to curve the material and it is required for cladding, the thinner steel would be more economical.

What is cladding and how does it relate to roofing and walling?

Cladding is a collective term for any sheeting that covers a building, whether it be on the roof of the building, or on the walls. Roof cladding is made from thicker steel and is rolled to a profile capable of supporting roof traffic*. In most cases, these roof claddings can also be used for walling as well. Wall cladding is made from thinner steel, rolled to a less rigid profile. They are generally not capable of supporting roof traffic, prohibiting their use as roofing.

*Some roofing is designed to be non-trafficable. Please consult the span and capacity tables of the cladding for further details.

Colour Range

LYSAGHT CUSTOM BLUE ORB® is available in the standard range of COLORBOND® steel colours and in unpainted ZINCALUME® steel.

For further information please contact Central Coast Metal Roofing on 02 4322 2377, or via email on our contact page.